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Sorry guys. I don’t have time for sims in week. Next sims photos will be probably in saturday.

But I’m so happy because from today I have 1 100+ followers!


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Today was beautiful Sunday. With my family we decide go to the forest. We found a lot of mushrooms, not all were edible.


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Today spent some time on editing my theme. I added new page on my blog, nothing special but if you want check.
It’s not done in 100%


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Builded house for my family but i haven’t idea how decorate interiors. Nothing look good. I miss for create a style

Maybe someone would like do interiors?

House is in gallery. Origin ID Jackob7

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Time back to home.

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Next day she decided to share with her little secret with friend.

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When back to home she saw weird tree.

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Daphne visited public garden.